How to run multiple suites in one go

i do have suites 1, suites 2, suites 3, suites 4, suites 5, suites 6, suites 7, suites 8. and all the suites have multiple macros. Is there any way possible to run only
suites 1, suites 4, suites 6, suites 7 in single click?

Guide me pl.

The solution is the same to what I wrote in How to run suite multiple times but this time you call all the folders:


#$result = PlayAndWait demo/core/demoautofill
Start-Sleep -s 2


$result = PlayAndWait test/suite1
Start-Sleep -s 2

$result = PlayAndWait test/suite2
Start-Sleep -s 2

$result = PlayAndWait test/suite3
Start-Sleep -s 2

and (important!) in the command line change




if you do not want to close the browser between each test suite calls. Normally it is better to close everything, but sometimes testsuite2 needs to continue where testsuite1 stopped. In this case you can not close the browser :wink:

This is the line:
$arg = """file:///"+ $path_autorun_html + "?folder="+ $macro + "&storage=xfile&closeKantu=1&closeBrowser=1&continueInLastUsedTab=1&direct=1&savelog="+$log+""""