How to run all the test suites in one go

currently i can run only one test suite at a time and if i need to run another test suite after that , i need to run it manually
Is there any way to automate all the 3 test suites which will run one by one.
Like Kantu will run
xmodulesTEST, then
xmodulesTESTsuite then

You can combine the 3 testsuites with the command line. For example, if you are on Windows you can reuse the “Run 2 macros” PowerShell script.

The only change you need to make is in line 25: Change macro=$macro to testsuite=$macro (the variable $macro is just a variable and can remain unchanged)

So instead of
$arg = """file:///"+ $path_autorun_html + "?macro="+ $macro + "&direct=1&savelog="+$log+""""


$arg = """file:///"+ $path_autorun_html + "?testsuite="+ $macro=+ "&direct=1&savelog="+$log+""""

Of course, the same concept can be used in other scripting languages, for example Python.