How to reuse (deactivate/activate) license on another computer

I purchased and activated a Personal license on a laptop some months ago. Now I want to use it on another desktop instead of the laptop. Can I deactivate the license on the laptop and then activate it on the desktop? How do i do so?

Also, if I accidentally uninstall the Chrome addon on the browser, will that remove/mess up the license? Thank you.

Here info

Thanks. But i don’t want a license stays on that laptop and used up 1 out of the 5 counts. Is there a way to deactivate license on a computer, or, it can only be installed up to 5 computers and no more move after that?

Also, if i accidentally removed the Chrome addon / XModule installation then re-install (and enter the key), will that count as another use of the 5 counts? Thanks.

Waiting @admin for more information about the license

Thanks for the quick response and escalation.

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To move a license from one machine to another: Uninstall UI.Vision RPA from the browser(s) on the “old” machine and install it again on the new machine.

If you want, you can reinstall the free RPA software version on the “old” machine again. This will not affect your PRO or Enterprice licenses.

Yes, this removes the license. But of course, you can simply re-install the addon and re-enter the license if needed! :slight_smile:

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