How to pause macros

Hi, i’m new to automation systems and have 0 knowledge about scripts

I’ve found Kantu while looking for some automation for video games for repetitive tasks, but i need to delay the start of a new loop.

I tried the pause command, with a high target (looking for at least 10 minutes of pause) but the countdown is crash and the macro goes off once the error is set. I’ve tried the same on another macro and its going well, so here is my first wonder

Second one is about giving a second pause with random time to make the macros loops variables, i’ve been looking for a way to do it on internet, and havent find much. If you guys have an idea =)

Thx for reading, sorry for my approximative english


So do you get any error message? Or Kantu totally crashes?

This can be done. You first create a random number, then use it for pause.

  • storeEval | Math.floor(Math.random()*60000) | waittime
  • pause | ${waittime}

The first line creates a random number between 0 and 60000. The second line does a wait with this number.

60000 milliseconds = 60s = 1 min.

i’ve set a refresh before the fix pause and it does work now
otherwise, i have this error now at the end of the macro, after the random time (who seem to work)

[error] macro timeout 999s (change the value in the settings if needed)

But im not sure i got how loops works actually, that may be the point :smiley:

Thx for your help