How to pass Command Line Arguments to Python File in terminal

Hello Everyone, I want to read data and store it in csv file from the database using python script.But I am unable to do it with XRun Command.

Nothing happened when executed below commands:
Ui Vision script:

“Command”: “store”,
“Target”: “‘select count(*) from configurations’”,
“Value”: “query”,
“Description”: “”
“Command”: “XRun”,
“Target”: “/usr/bin/python3.6”,
“Value”: “/home/jigsaw/Desktop/uivision/ ${query}”,
“Description”: “”

Does this post help?

No its not working like that

No, How can we define exit code in python script? Its connecting with script via Xrunand wait.

I use bash to call UIV via API, it feeds filenames or information I want to see in the UIV via !cmd_var# - then upon exit of the macro, if there exists a certain CSV with values, python or bash do more work based on what was returned.

instead of using UIV to launch your automation, use automation to launch UIV and integrate it.