How to not have Kantu popup when running a macro from bookmarks

I created my first macro and saved it as a bookmark. When I run it Kantu pops up and tells me the steps that it is executing. How can I prevent that from happening.

For technical reasons we still must open Kantu to run the macro (we plan to change that later).

But there is already a good workaround: You can make Kantu hide itself in the background by adding the BringBrowserToForeground command to your macros:

BringBrowserToForeground is useful if you want to make sure that the web browser is in the foreground. Normally when you start a macro the Kantu UI is in the foreground. Our users tell us that having the browser in the foreground is especially useful when launching Kantu macros from bookmarks - because typically in this case you want to see than what Kantu does inside the browser - and often manually continue where Kantu stopped.