How to make Ctrl + F in the code while processing?

i use UI.Vision in DOCS But i don’t know why the software doesn’t recognize “Ctrl+F”, it is like he doesn’t get the shortcut, please help me!

Did you use XTYPE | ${KEY_CTRL + KEY_F} - that should work.

Thank You It works like this ${KEY_CTRL+KEY_F} but i don’t know why ${KEY_CTRL+KEY_SHIFT+KEY_H} = Replacing name doesn’t work in when it apply the extension of UI.Vision Disappear. i hope someone would help me with this. thanks for your time i really appreciate it

What does this do? When I do it manually in Google docs nothing happens.

i need it because i want to create 5 or more descriptions with different Main_name, so each time i have to replace the Main_name of earlier Doc to Another Name but same in another Second Description of main description i hope you understand the point.