How to make bat delete first line in multi csv files

Hello I’m Trying to Delete the first line in multiple csv files at once . Below is the example of the code in my bat file two files but i will need it to work with 6 is there a way ? or i have to create 6 separate bat files for each csv file ?

@echo off
set “csv=pass.csv”
more +1 “%csv%” >""
move /y “” “%csv%” >nul
more +1 “%csv%” >""
move /y “” “%csv%” >nul

This is not ui vision question

Post this question on stackoverflaw

hi i saw just few post about bat files and thought i would ask here since i’m not able to run the bat anyway with full path and everything.

Thanks though will check stackoverflaw also

Batch file can work if you switch in hard drive mode with xmodules installed.

csv internal browser must be not edited in automatically.

See inmage you must have installed xmodules and choice on hard drive (your hard disk)

hi yes i had this turned on from the start after i read the documentation

Your macro code is wrong, read other my replay in the forum and check csv path folder