How to loop inside the macro - just part of it -


I have two macros : one is run through a loop and the other one need to start after the loop ends.
How to make that happens ??

Thanks in advance

You can use a third macro that calls these two macros with RUN:

Macro 3 would then look like this::

  • While…
  • RUN | macro1
  • End
  • RUN | macro2

Thank you for your reply ,

If I use a third macro it will not give room for the first macro to finish the loop.

I need to have loop within the first macro and once its done , the second one starts .

Well, then do it like this:


  • While…
  • Code to repeat
  • End
  • RUN macro2

Or bundle both macros in a testsuite:

Would you please elaborate how to do a code to repeat as a loop from a csv with while and end the way you suggest ,so I can run macro2 after it.

Thanks in advance,