How to loop "html macro"?

i need to loop it man

how possible? in docs nothing about this

this is not about manual loop playing from kantu UI. this is about automatic looping the autorun html macro script

okay i wrapped macro in infinite loop.

now othr question, can run few instances of script simultaneously? i have it to fast but still slow :V LOL

(i need to run the script 280000 times)

infinite loop wont repeat itself when error. setting errorignore wont help.

any other workarounds to loop HTml-exported macro?

I don’t understand what you want to write, add photos to make you understand better

settings > on error start next loop iteration

then in kantu you can LOOP (not while loop) macro. and this setting works with internal KANTU loop.

it doesnt work with WHILE loop.

and when i run script from cmd, i cant use that internal loop.

therefore if theres error i can only ignore it or stop project. both are bad solutions.

Ideally project on error would abandon current iteration (again like in internal kantu macro loop) and start next iteration. like it does in if you press PLAY LOOP in kantu.

@ newuserkantu