How to load a saved web then run a macro?

I have saved some webs, lets call it myweb.html, and have store a macro called mymacro in kantu.

I tried this command:

“C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe” “file:///c:/myweb.html?direct=1&macro=mymacro”

from this page:

But it doesnt work, myweb.html is loaded but the macro dont start.

I use firefox.

I recommend to use the new “” method instead of the old “export html”. See here for the correct command line:

You must use firefox browser path not Google Chrome path

Change with your firefox path

i think you didnt understand me, i didnt save a macro to html, then i need to call another macro from it, my problem is, lets explain again from the beggining:

I have a macro, my macro made to work with this web,, but as i dont have time, i save the web to my computer, using CTRL+S to save the web, so i have a file Howtoloadasaved.html in my desktop wich is not a MACRO but a web, so if i double click it, opens in firefox and then i can open rpa and execute the macro mymacro.

What im trying to do is find a cmd command that loads my saved web, and then run my macro

thank you

I reply to say the problem is still not solved, the web is loaded but the macro dont also @newuserkantu im aware i must use firefox path, and i did, i just copied the example on the cmd page that is done with chrome, but my firefox path is right, it loads the web but not the macro.

As i know some developers hate firefox and love chrome i installed and configured chrome so maybe the problem was a firefox problem, but the result is the same:

macro doesnt run, the web loads and then stays there doing nothing.

thank you.