How to jump to another window which might even not be recognized by UIVISION?

After I click a button, it will pop up another window. This window doesn’t have normal function. I think it’s not a website, it’s kind of a frame widget. And if I keep running macro, macro will run on the main tab, other than this new popup window.

And weirdly, even if I select the window and run macro, the macro will go to the main tab and run. Does it mean that this window is not supported by UIVISION?

I guess the best solution is to use desktop automation mode for this popup. You can turn it on/off in the macro with xdesktopautomation true/false.

Of course, Selenium IDE style commands will not work in this mode, but you can use XClick, screen scraping, etc. to automate the dialog.

Solved. Use ‘Select Window’. title can be checked in DevTools(Right click and Inspect in Chrome).

  "Command": "selectWindow",
  "Target": "title=View Data",
  "Value": "",
  "Description": ""
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