How to install XModules on MacOS Ventura?

Using macOS Ventura 13.5 on an M2 Mac (using Brave)
I installed the pkg.
What do I do now?

If I run some of the demos within the browser plugin, it sais " XModule is not installed yet[Install now]"
But there is no entry for the kanto host within security & privacy settings

thx, Dave

PS: The communication of your website ist quite bad. I worked with UI Path a lot and was looking for an alternative for Mac OS an private use. On my search I crossed the UI-Vision site several times, but closed it every time since it leads to the impression that it’s just for browser automation…

Ah, good point. We will keep that in mind for the next page update. Historically Ui.Vision was first a browser automation tool, that has then expanded into cross-platform desktop automation.

About your main question: Did you also set the security permissions (privacy settings) after the PKG installation?

If you did set the permission correctly, we need to dive deeper: If you look in the “XModule” tab of the Ui.Vision settings: Do all XModules show “not installed” or only some?