How to install xmodules and use local savelog

Hi ! I installed the Xmodules but when i go to options page of RPA extension says that FileAccess XModule is not installed yet .I click to download then installed the exe file from the page but still says is not installed.
But the other 2 says now are installed DesktopAutomation XModule and realuser .
I want to use local savelog but how to do it ?
I am on Windows 10 32bit .Thanks .

Ok i clicked “Test it” button and now says that installed …But how to use savelog ? Is it needed to start Chrome through a js file ? Please give an example .Thanks !

Hello, we have Node.js RPA command line sample code.

New with V8.1.3: The &savelog= parameter supports full paths now, e.g. savelog=c:/test/log.txt. If a full path is detected the log is saved directly (instead of triggering a download). This is faster and more reliable.

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This means the installation is ok!

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Thanks for your reply ! Do you know , if i write the log to hard disk, then script will run faster ?
I mean there is a delay on clicks.I suppose this happens because writing logs .I disabled the logs and now running in nodisplay mode .This makes things better. But do you think if i make logs to hard disk , this affect the speed also ? Thanks !
And many congrats for the application.Makes nice work !

Using &savelog with a full path avoids the “log download” process at the macro end. This saves a few seconds download delay and avoids potential issues with virus scanners.

It does not make the macro itself run faster (that is a different topic, but it is on our todo list).

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