How to insert multiple line of CSV file to textbox quickly

Hello guys, now I’m having a task working with checking DA of multiple websites.
I’m using this website:
So question here is that I need type 100 lines one-time to textbox from my CSV file.
How can I do that?

You must use csvread it’s simple and easy

i know how to use csvRead but I want to type 100 line at the same time, loop 100 times is too long

Yes you can do it, you can use !csvreadlinenumber command to switch in every csv line!csvreadlinenumber

Or you can use the new command csvReadArray

You can do all without any problem with ui vision.

Then the new csvReadArray command that @newuserkantu mentioned is perfect for you. It reads the whole CSV data into an array ${myCSV[row][column]}.

Then you can simply use 100 TYPE (etc) commands in your macro:

  • Type | xpath=line1… | ${myCSV[0][0]}
  • Type | xpath=line2 | ${myCSV[1][0]}
  • Type | xpath=line99… | ${myCSV[99][0]}

Wait, I just see that the website uses one big textbox for all data, separated by newline!

Then you need just one TYPE plus \n:
Type | xpath=line1… | ${myCSV[0][0]}\n${myCSV[1][0]}\n...${myCSV[99][0]}


Sendkeys| xpath=line1… | ${myCSV[0][0]}${KEY_ENTER}${myCSV[1][0]}${KEY_ENTER}...${myCSV[99][0]}