How to incorporate into a Node Server a way to run Macro behind the scene?

I am currently using Kantu Vision for a prototype that automates a series a click actions for a user all of those triggered by a physical prototype (Arduino board).

So far I have the macro working but that needs to be triggered manually from the Chrome interface.

  1. How can I have this macro be called from a node project?
  2. How can the macro be run behind the scene so that there are minimal windows appearing over the other experience?

Thank you for your help and let me know if there is anything I can clarify.

The prototype is to be run on a windows machine but I also would like to ideally use my mac to test this experience also.

Thank you!


  1. To start kantu from node.js you can use the command line interface

  2. Hide windows: Here I have no good idea, except the minimize Chrome or run everything in a virtual machine,

Thank you for your response. I saw this and that you can export as HTML, when you double click the HTML it opens windows up and runs those. But I was not able to see simple examples for terminal or dos since the PowerShell link is dead. There is a python script but I am looking for a way not to use python ideally.

So any more detailed example would be very helpful. Thank you!