How to hover over the input field (textarea) then click the (+) button that appears in that area?

I am having problems when I want to enter MyLabel in the “Product Label” field on Facebook Marketplace (creating a product).


The (+) button will not appear until you click on the fill area. My command stopped because the (+) button did not appear before the area was selected.

Note: I have used command: click in the input area but the (+) button does not appear. If you use XCLICK it works but, is there any other way besides using the XCLICK command?

If there is another way, I would like to know for my learning. Thank You

May I ask, why do you want to avoid using XClick?

Xclick is the fastest and easiest way to solve problems. However, I want to learn more about hovering with other commands. And I just want to know how to do that here.

If it’s faster to use Xclick I’ll finish this topic. Thank You @ulrich