How to highlight images with the same name?

I am new here, please forgive the silly question. In UI Vision RPA in “Record” mode you can select a file and after, if you press “find”, it will be highlighted. I need to find several files with the same name. We’re talking about jpg files. They are scattered in different paragraphs. How do I get the UI Vision RPA to illuminate these page elements?

Hi, can I ask why do you want to highlight them?

Ui vision highlight the current element used not different elements

For delete. I must see what i am deleting. In general: there is an old site with pictures. Thousands of pages with pictures. some pictures were uploaded to the site back in 2006. Pictures of poor quality, ordinary, lost popularity and other garbage. The garbage is repeated. I need to remove repetitive images that are not needed. So I want this process to be kind of automatic.

Ok, but how can i find several elements with the same name?

This is not a ui vision work, study batch file and do this with batch file.

Ui vision is not a file manager.