How to have UI.Vision identify a comment section on TikTok and type a comment once the comment section has been identified

Hello gentlemen,

I started working on a script but I was unable to do the step above. Once i am inside a TikTok post I want to be able to automate this step:

I want to be able to leave a comment in the comment section of the post. I think UI.Vision needs to identify where is the comment section with one command and then send another command to type into it. Would you know what these commands would be?

Hi, can you please post a screenshot to clarify?

Hello thank you for the reply: here I recorded a video so you see the entirety of the script I am trying to build

Thanks, but what does this script do?

I would like to automate a process on tik tok browser to
-go in tik tok search a few relevant key words in my niche

  • leave a comment on a post
  • then like all the likes on the post and move on to the next post.

Then do it all over again.