How to handle random "not found" elements?

Hi all, I know that to give a better support you need a test macro or the URL to try. But in my case the URL needs credentials to login and cannot share it. The thing is I have a main macro that calls others, all macros have several “click” commands to dive into the page.

My issue is that I try the macros several times in a day and one time all works fine, but sometimes in a click command or waitForElementPresent command, the macro stops and begin the counter since is not found an element that is already visible and that was found previously. Then stop the macro and run it again and that element that was not found, this time is found.

Other issue I’ve had is that sometimes, “open | URL” command doesn’t open anything and I need to stop and run the macro again

May you give me please some suggestion in how to avoid or minimize this kind of issues?