How to handle errors for a group of commands running in a loop

Say I have created an automation where a group of commands runs and finally, completes an ecommerce process.

The automation script on this website potentially fails at quite a few places, following which an error occurs and the next loop continues.

What I want to do, is log the error and the loop number in a csv file. Typically, this will be possible through something like exception handling, where I can enclose all my code in a parent block, and a catch block will handle the logging of the error case. How do I do this in Kantu?

I went through the commands and statusOK or GotoIf are two options, but looks like I need to check them after every command. Is there a way to check the status for a group of commands?

Luckily not :wink:

!LastCommandOK is reset after each command, but !StatusOK is not:

!StatusOK will be “false” if one command in a list of commands has an error. A successful command after an error does not change the status back to “true”. But if needed, you can use store | true | !statusok to explicitly reset the command back to “true”.

But how do I use !StatusOK. I will still need to check the value of StatusOK after each command in my script. Can the control go to a designated line once the value of StatusOK changes?

You only need to check !StatusOK once after the end your sequence, and then log the error and/or jump to a new line with GotoIf:

  • store | true | !errorignore <== make sure the macro does not stop after an error
  • command 1
  • command 2
  • command 3
  • If | {!statusOK} == false } <== logs error
    echo | there was an error in loop ${!loop}
  • GotoIf | {!statusOK} == false } | designated line <== Jumps to line on error

So if an error happens with command 1 or command 2 or command 3 it will be catched and handled.

For external error handling options see the command line options.