How to get the on premise OCR

Hello there,

I am wondering who I should contact for the OCR on a local server. The sales team of a9t9 doesn’t seem to be reactive…

How to get in touch with the support team?

Please contact us at

I searched all open support tickets but could not find anything with your name on it. So please write again, you should get an answer in 24h or less.


I’m getting the same problem.
I’ve sent you a question twice, the first time on (Nov '12) and the second time on (Nov '14).
It had no answer.

By the way, my company is looking for a on premise OCR solution.
I would like to know your plans and prices.

Hi Sergio, can you please email us again at team AT I checked the email and even spam folder, but could not find any email from you.

Your link redirected to and I’ve found the contact form in
I’ve filled the form and clicked on “Send Message” button.
A notification “Your message was sent! You will get a reply within one day.” appeared on the top.
Please verify if you received.