How to get multiple links using visualAssert


I am trying to acquire some data from Facebook. This requires me accessing a page and looking at who has liked it on comments.

I have gotten to the point of looking at the page and seeing who liked it, but now I need to acquire each person’s page link and their name.

So Far I have this:


I was trying “click” for now as a test knowing it would load the page and kill the while loop. The visual asserted image finds about 8 of the icons that link to a personal account.

How do I loop through these images and get the link text?

Because it’s Facebook, they have a different id for each link, which made the Xpath option not possible.

Any help would be amazing, thank you.

Would you clarify why you need this? I’d chime in but I sense smoke here.

Hi Commensal,

Sure, right now I have the macro load our facebook page and load the latest likes to a post.

I get to this point and get stuck.

What I am trying to do is save each person’s profile into an excel sheet so we can review who they are and what they might like. This helps with our psychographic data for our marketing plan. I.E, do they all go to concerts or do they all watch Game Of Thrones. Then we plan on marketing to our target market in the future we know who they are in better detail, rather than guessing.

We can do this manually, but it takes a long time.

All I really need at this point is the link url and their name from each person who liked the page. But when I do visualassert it finds all the thumbs ups but I can’t seem to loop through and get that information.

Hope that helps answer your questions.
Thank you,


You can use these commands

visualAssert is not the best way to extract text from site.

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If they were stupid enough to hit like on a product I guess they deserve more advertising… hehe…
Below is an example of a link from people who “liked”.
You do SourceExtract on a a page looking for an anchor like “data-gt=”{“engagement” than you collect links from “href” and name between “><”.
All the help you can get from a SourceExtract doc page.

<a data-gt="{&quot;engagement&quot;:{&quot;eng_type&quot;:&quot;1&quot;,&quot;eng_src&quot;:&quot;2&quot;,&quot;eng_tid&quot;:&quot;100012526536103&quot;,&quot;eng_data&quot;:[]}}" href=";__tn__=%2Cd-a-R&amp;eid=ARAj4bHE-uhSZ6Z34F4OgoXBqNvUIDzmFDRt24j7wnb_BRPR3iYQFUgeOJBZUMsEQxothQrLMGZe5KeF&amp;hc_location=profile_browser" data-hovercard="/ajax/hovercard/user.php?id=1000125236103&amp;extragetparams=%7B%22__tn__%22%3A%22%2Cd-a-R%22%2C%22eid%22%3A%22ARAj4bHE-uhSZ6Z34F4OgoXBqNvUIDzmFDRt24j7wnb_BRPR3iFUgeOJBZUMsEQxothQrLMGZe5KeF%22%2C%22hc_location%22%3A%22profile_browser%22%7D" data-hovercard-prefer-more-content-show="1" id="js_16f" aria-describedby="u_1t_1" aria-owns="">Danielle Brenbach</a>