How to Get HTML of element not text

Hi can someone help me ,please,I have an xpath that correctly locates an element. How do I store the HTML (outerhtml) of the element to a variable. storeText only works if an element contains text and as far as I can see sourceExtract does not work with an xpath result.

Just like: ,i want to extract the element of search button ,to get this “input class=“gNO89b” value=“Google 搜索” aria-label=“Google 搜索” name=“btnK” type=“submit” data-ved=“0ahUKEwin7aXdvJD2AhWOMZQKHW4eDx8Q4dUDCAs”> <input class=“RNmpXc” value=” 手气不错 " aria-label=" 手气不错 " name=“btnI” type=“submit” jsaction=“trigger.kWlxhc” data-ved=“0ahUKEwin7aXdvJD2AhWOMZQKHW4eDx8Q19QECAw”


sourceExtract with a regular expression (that finds class=“gNO89b” etc) would be my choice.