How to get a column in a 2-dimensional array with executeScript_Sandbox

Hello forum,

I’m reading a csv file storing the result in a 2-dimensional array, say A.
I want to get the first column of that array.

with executeScript the following was working fine:
return ${A}.map(x => x[0])

however I don’t want to use execute Script because it runs on website.

What could I do to get the same in executeScript_Sandbox ?
return ${A}.map(x => x[0]) doesn’t work

I was thinking about
b=${GLOBAL_CURRENT[*][0]}; return b
but wildcard * is not accepted and I was not able to find a wildcard working in Java (I don’t know JAVA language).

Any idea?


to loop through an array getting each element you can use the Kantu command “foreach”. Very convenient command.