How to find xy coordinates and click?

Hallo, so there is this somewhat secure site where the buttons are not clickable (with macro extensions) and I cannot make screenshots with Xclick. Is it possible to find out the xy position and if so how does the command look like for the click? I am using the extension for chrome but vivaldi/opera browser. Also I tried to google it and no result was helpful, also tried imacros which was of no success.

Thx for the answers.

Never mind. I found what I was looking for :smiley: Xclick

I do would like to follow up with this question. I am using Kantu is desktop mode and it is using the wrong monitor to run the script. Is there a way to find out or tell Kantu what monitor to use?

I know nobody is asking but I had to add a few steps via Task Scheduler to get xClick to work when I am away from my desk.

using AutoLogon to wake up/log onto the machine
using a .vbs file to bring my browser to the front after the Macro kicks off
using AutoHotkey to make sure my pointer was in the active window

Not yet. See [issue #41] XClick dual monitor support