How to fill different numbers

Hi There,
im really a beginner on this, but so far i could make a working loop to filling 3 different numbers in diff places and i can do this
continuesly. What i like to know is that how to make it with variable
numbers where i can set from to the numbers and it filling it
automaticly and changing the numbers as much i set.

so for example i have now this lines:


“Command”: “type”,
“Target”: “xpath=//*[@id=“sell-form”]/div[2]/div[2]/div[2]/div[1]/div/input”,
“Value”: “0.591111”

which is ok its fills the number 0.591111, but i would like to change this in a range when i use play macro in a loop 10 times each time i like to have from 0.591110 to 0.591120 every times when it play from the loop should be 0.000001 more numbers to fill

2., from these filling numbers i have 3 different in one form and i like to have all the 3 numbers changing in a range as i explained above. my question is is it possible to change the numbers in the same time in one play or is it also possible to change only 1 and when it finished the loop it start another and change the secound number in a range and so on with the third?

“Command”: “type”,
“Target”: “xpath=//*[@id=“sell-form”]/div[2]/div[2]/div[5]/div[3]/div/input”,
“Value”: “40000”
here i like to have to also in a range between 20000 to 63000 changing in 1000 every step

here it will be more numbers to finished the loop so im confused with this as well
at the end i like to have it like that:

first number range 1-10 step 1 (10 steps)
secound number 10-1000 step 10 ( 100 steps)
third number 1-5 step 1 (5 steps)

all together 10X100X5 which is 5000 different filling forms

last question: Can it be also randomize? so i set 100 loop and it start filling it and random changing the form and it stops after the 100?

i hope it make sense, sorry guys but have not done anything like this and i hope somebody could help, Thanks a lot!

thanks for information!

Thanks for sharing,somebody can explain what difference in it