How to extract the text which above the embedded graph

After my script done step 1, clicks HNX30, there is the graph on the right
How to extract the text in step 2 which in the image

Here is the source

Thank you so much

You can use screen scraping with OCR, or, since this is a highcharts graph, try this:

Have you ever looked at a chart on a website and you want to export the raw data? Maybe you even poked around Chrome Developer Tools and realized it’s not coming via an API. But you did notice they’re using Highcharts? You’re in luck!

Just open up the Developer Console and grab the data series you want directly. Let’s say that the chart has 4 lines, but you only want the first series. (Generally this is the first series in the legend, or you can just experiment until the numbers match those you see in the graph.)

values = [];
Highcharts.charts[0].series[0].data.forEach(function(d){ values.push(d.y) });

To run this code in your macro, you can use the executeScript command.