How to extract some value that are whitin html code

I want to extract the value in front of title, which is dynamic and it does not show on web page only in source code. here is some part of source code:

div class=“tb-search-term-analysis-keyword-score-container-rating1sub”
span id=“tb-search-term-analysis-search-volume-arrow” style=“left: 31px;” title=“14.77”>▼</
img class=“tb-search-term-analysis-keyword-score-container-rating-image” src=“moz-extension://d32d779c-849c-40d4-b058-613722abdb7c/images/modules/tagexplorer/rating2.png”
div id=“tb-search-term-analysis-search-volume” title=“14.77”

and here is some part of macro:

“Command”: “storeValue”,
“Target”: "xpath=//span[@id=‘tb-search-term-analysis-search-volume-arrow’]

it does not work
I have tried storevalue and storetext, no result, but I guess since the value is within code it does not work,
anyone know to make this work? thanks

Anything you’re trying to get from the source code will need to be extracted using “sourceExtract”

Because it’s dynamic, you’ll need to use a regular expression to tell Kantu to look for a pattern. How you write the pattern is up to you, as long as you know the conditions that will always be true for the pattern. For example, if your title value will always be a a number with a decimal place, like your above example “14.77,” try the following:

sourceExtract | regex=(?<=title=[",“])\d+.\d+ | title

I’m not a programmer by trade, so that might not be the best way to do it, but that should get you started.

thank you for your reply,
I have tried your regex, and tried variation of it, as I am newbie on regex as well, but it does not work, I tried the regex on and it returns the text title only, not what is after title. any ideas?

i tested this macro on this page and it successfully returned 14.77

Will it always be a number with a decimal place?

thank you for your reply,
Not always the number is with dots, the value is percent value, it could be 60%, or 25% or 14.77% as the above example.
I also tried your code:
regex=(?<=title=[",“])\d+.\d+ | title
in Notepad++ and in this website
in Notepad++ it did find the text “title” twice, in the above url it did not find anything, it gave error, and in Kantu it did not find anything.

I also tried this:
exactly as it is with quotes, on Notepad++ and in the above url ( it did return the value 14.77,
but when I tried it on Kantu, it did not find anything.

Edited: this is the part of Kantu macro i used:

“Command”: “sourceExtract”,
“Target”: “[0-9][0-9.]*[0-9]”,
“Value”: “c2”