How To Emulate Android Swipe?

XMove doesn’t seem to be able to emulate a swipe. I can move windows no problem, but I can’t swipe in an android app. I’m Connecting through TeamViewer.


I think that would be a TeamViewer issue as XMove simulates moving the mouse.

On another note I use Tasker for automation on Android and you can swipe using AutoInput.

Tried in both anydesk and teamviewer, is there a preferred android app?

The cursor shows that it’s held down and it moves to the left and then it releases the click but the app doesn’t do anything.

Here’s the code.


Hi @ackdum93844 - your code looks great, but make sure that you use “nodisplay” or “fast” for the !replayspeed value. Swiping is very time sensitive with regards to the length of the press and mouse move.

In my test swiping itself works fine, but (because of the critical timing) I have a hard time swiping to an exact entry (here: timer setting) that I want. But overall it works and the swipe result is reliable:

  1. dd if=/dev/input/event2 of=/sdcard/left
  2. Do the touch for real
  3. dd if=/sdcard/left of=/dev/input/event2
  4. Repeat step 3, as much as you need.