How to dynamically switch tabs and refocus on tbas

For a Macro, I’m running through 20 to 30 tabs which I open beforehand to keep the automation understandable. I want to loop to repeat itself in each next tab, without having to specify all 30 tabs with selectWindow:tab=0-29.

The “best way” I’ve managed to do this, is to close the tab that’s finished (selectWindow:TAB=CLOSE). That seem to be the only way, to just run through the tabs and let the plugin refocus on the next in line.

But idealy, I want to leave them open. If something goes wrong.

Is there a trick to run through the tabs, dynamically? Like tab=next. or previous? And let the plugin focus on the newly selected tab.

(I’ve tried the Xtype cmd+tab solution + bring window to front, but that won’t put the focus on the next tab for the chrome plugin. And the loop will repeat on the tab where I kicked it of, but then out of sight.)

Thanks so much.

You can try to change tabs with shortcut tab and use Xclick to set the new focus in new tab, try this way

During my test changing the tab is very hard work to automate can show errors,

The best way is not change tab.

Change tab is the requirement of my question. The reason for this, is the slowness and unpredictable nature of the back-end system I’m working in. If I don’t pre load the pages (and verify them), the failure rate is too big.

In my opinion there is not any other solution sorry

Anyone else have ideas?

The solution is to create a better macro, surely a macro that requires 30 open tabs is a poor macro that requires a lot of ram, is slow and can run into problems.

You can simply create a much better macro than the one you created by saving the data in a csv so you can check all the data used at any time without having to keep many tabs open which only create problems.

Then if you are lazy and want to persist in using a poor macro continue on.

The macros that I create also save each screen so I can see all the steps performed at any time and I can know any possible errors without having to keep 30 tabs open.

No one is forcing you to respond. Either help or go away.

You’re making all kinds of assumptions. Which, I could clarify for you if you’d take the effort to ask a question. But here I am. Being lazy.

  1. I’m trying to automate some repeating maintenance tasks, I have to in order to manage a CMS for the company I work for. Loading times and server are extremely slow.
  2. The macro doesn’t require 30 tabs open. I’m in a situation that the only way I can alleviate some of my work is to pre-load the pages I need the same taks to be performed. It’s my situation. Deal with it.
  3. Despite your claims. The macro is already working. Using “Tab=Close” to force the focus on to the next tab dynamically. And then loop. It would make checking up easier if I didn’t have to close them.
  4. Despite your claims, about “not ideal to use tabs”, there are multiple functions dealing with tabs. e.g. selectWindows tab=2 doesn’t exists because it’s impossible to work with tabs.

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