How to dynamically add JSON to embedded macros?

Hi all!

I want to share my macros with my team and embedded macros seems to be the simplest way.

The information section ( ) says …“Since Kantu macros are in standard JSON format, it is very easy to create them dynamically e. g. from info inside a database.”

I don’t fully understand what this means - how could I go about doing this? Rather than manually update the source code of my page every time I change the macro

  • The simplest way to share macros with a team is to use the hard-drive storage mode and then share the macros e. g. via drop-box, Google drive or source-code control systems like Github.

  • The embed macros in website mode is great when you want to share macros with a wide audience e. g. the visitors of your website.

Thanks for the advice. I initially veto-ed this idea due to the limited number of macros available for hard-drive storage, but I think I can actually work with it. Like you say, it is the most preferable way.