How to download daily reports AND THEN rename them?

Hi! First off, thank you for taking the time for reading this.
Here’s what I’d like to do
There are 4 reports (all CSV files) I would like to download from 3 different websites every night at 2am. So far i know how to do stuff but i need help with the next part -

Then, I want to rename them as -

and If possible (but not necessary),
I’d like to have them downloaded to particular folders -
(example) -> the file “Eros-ofProductP-$timestamp” in “C:/reports/ProductP”

Please let me know what commands I could use to achieve this or is there a tutorial / manual somewhere that I could read and gain on the subject. If you have a macro for it, I’d appreciate you sharing. If I am successful in creating one myself, I’ll share it too!

Thanks :slight_smile:

PS/Some info

  • I literally found UiVision 4 days ago and am thoroughly loving the simplicity of it. Just testing if it solves my requirements before adding it to the budget :slight_smile:
  • I would love to provide you with the link of the website (for your own inspections) but they are behind a login and strict firewall so cant, sorry.

Thanks & Cheers!

You can use the OnDownload command to rename the files even before/during the download.