How to do this?

I have this stock monitoring system. I want it to send an alert to me whenever it hit a certain price. There is going to be a list of stocks available on the webpage , with their name on the left, prices in the middle , links on the right. How I think its gonna work if I am going to use visualSearch and if loop to determine whether the macro should continue each time.I am going to set a picture for the program to compare to and if the search return a number more than 1(which mean there is a matching image), it will click a link like on the right side on the stock to get further information and sent it to me.Otherwise, the macro will end.
I think I am able to do that first part of using visualsearch and if loop. How can I now do that send part of whenever there is a matching request, it will click the link of that stock. Any help would be appreciated!

You mean you want to send an email with RPA? For that, use the XRUN feature + a script.