How to Delete All Visual Images

I have in mind to get rid of some clutter. So, I do a backup and delete everything I think I am not using.

I clicked on the Visual tab. I have so many images, many no longer used anywhere. I did not notice any button or other way to delete all the images. I had an idea: I would backup everything. I make a copy so I have the backup in case I delete too much. From the copy, I unzip to a folder. Then I delete everything I want and leave everything I want. Then, when I restore, the backup will overwrite and replace everything. All unwanted files will be gone from HTML storage.

I see it does not work that way. Looks to me that Kantu is deliberately designed to avoid users accidentally losing all their data – forever!! And I must agree this is a wise design.

So, I don’t even know if my thinking to remove clutter is how I should think when using Kantu.

Removing a lot of macros is no problem. I have macros organized in directories and subdirectories in HTML storage. So, I just delete a directory and all the directories subdirectories and macros get deleted all together.

If you would add a feature to delete all images, I was thinking it should maybe force a backup first. If the user really does not want to ever see these images again, he/she can delete the backup. Or have other means to reduce risk of accidental massive data loss. I hope you take this paragraph to be my expressing approval of Kantu’s hindering risk of massive data loss. Because I reckon there are several ways to avoid accidental massive data loss, probably several better than my first thoughts.

What I am hoping for is maybe some remarks about how I should think regarding removing clutter (unused images):

  1. Don’t worry about it because there is ample space in HTML storage, even for very prolific macro writers using lots of XClicks, etc.

  2. Just be patient, the functionality is on UI.Vision’s to-do list

  3. There is a way, and you will describe how

  4. Or ?

Next to the image click on the hamburger menu icon for “more actions” then click delete.

I suppose clicking on the hamburger menu icon works, if I don’t mind doing it for all 437 images I want to delete.

If I can delete 4 images per minute, then I will need almost 2 hours, not to mention the repetitive movement injuries, and boredom.

Is there a quicker and easier to delete all 437 images?

I would put in a feature request for a bulk delete. Although not ideal, it might be quicker to reinstall the extension and just import the images you need.

For the html5 storage mode, I would do as @User9898 suggested. Backup your macros, remove the extension and reinstall the macros from the backup.

In the hard-drive storage mode all files are stored on the disk. In this case you can just use your favorite file manager to delete them all at once :wink:

User9898 and Plankton,

What you said shows you understand my questions and your answer works. Thank you very much