How to create Line breaks in a variable

I’m creating a message in the variable ${MESSAGE} but I’m not being able to add any break lines

I checked some other topics like this one ( Line breaks no longer work ) but couldn’t find the solution

How do I break the line to show a message like this?

My macro displays:

${!col1}, this is a customized message.Adding a new line

But I’d like to split the text in 2 lines – see below:

${!col1}, this is a customized message.
Adding a new line

My macro

      "Command": "store",
      "Target": "${!col1}, this is a customized message.\\nAdding a new line\\n",
      "Value": "message"
      "Command": "XType",
      "Target": "${MESSAGE}",
      "Value": ""

This issue will be solved with the next update in about one week is solved:

Then we will have a new internal variable to control how escape characters are interpreted in TYPE and SENDKEYS: :point_right: !stringEscape

  • store | true | !stringEscape (default) => \n \t are interpreted as escape strings (this is what you need). This works just as Javascript does, so \t is tab and \n is new line (etc). Like here:

  • store | false | !stringEscape => literal interpretation. For example this is useful when filling in a file path, e. g. c:\next\time\text.txt is entered exactly as this.)

  • XTYPE simulates native keyboard presses, so \n is typed just as the letters \ and n. For line breaks with XTYPE use ${KEY_ENTER}.

Update May 14: Available with V5.6.5, see!stringescape

@admin your link was very helpful. thnx!!