How to create back history

I use a website and normally go directly to the page using OPEN. However now the site has a check to see that I have arrived from a page on their site. If not, it doesn’t load. Is there a way I can insert a tab page into history before I use the OPEN? I’ve tried a few javascript tricks without success.

The solution can be the referrer, you can change it with addons

With firefox you can use this addon

I do not use Google Chrome but probably have similar addons

Thank you. A great solution, I thought. I found a Chrome equivalent - referer control. But in my case, it’s not solving the problem. So, my workaround until I get a better solution is to land on a main page and navigate there using links.

Create the macro to access the site from the search engine and then navigate within the site to the page you are interested in. With ui vision you can create the entire path to access the site and visit all the pages