How to copy a value and save it in a variable


I use XType ${KEY_CTRL+KEY_C} copy a value and want to save it to a variable. Is it realizable and how ?

Thank you Guys.

Simple question you must save clipboard value in a variable

Here the code

  "Name": "Store Clipboard",
  "CreationDate": "2020-6-9",
  "Commands": [
      "Command": "store",
      "Target": "${!clipboard}",
      "Value": "MyVar"
      "Command": "echo",
      "Target": "${MyVar}",
      "Value": ""

thank you so much. I don’t think you are new user, you are the expert.

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I learned by reading in the forum and studying the examples is a beautiful software ui vision if you learn it you can automate any site and even the desktop of your PC.

Any reason you can’t use storeText and then UI.Vision’s select button to get the target? It’s much more efficient then trying to simulate a Ctrl + C with Xtype.