How to comment a macro in Suite

How to comment a full macro in suite.
I do have a list of macro in a Suite but i dont want to run a specific macro. (I dont want to delete it from the Suite, on Some Build i need to run it and sometime i dont.)
Is there any way to bypaas / comment a specific macro while running full Suite.
in attached pic i dont want to run (macro no. 20) in current suite.


Guide me the way please.

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On the first line of that macro you could do a gotolabel and the label at the end. Now just comment out that line when you want it to run.

Thanks for your reply but pl. also share the example for more understanding.

the page you have mentioned is have a pic

which is of a part of macro.

buy i am asking about the Suite.
Where do i get it and edit it in Suite.

You could add that at the macro level as a one click way to activate/deactivate it

I use the new folders as testsuite feature in hard-drive mode. There I can simply change the “.json” extension of a test to e. g. “.jsonX” and the macro is temporarily removed from the list. Very convenient.


Screenshot: Test2 no longer shows up in the SAP testsuite.


This is a great tip thanks

@ Plankton

But i want to do in Kantu itself, is there any way to do some kind of right click and selects it to not to run in Full Suite.
There must be a option available for the same.

There is no “right click to not run” feature for it directly in UI Vision yet. But another way to not run a certain macro of a test suite is to drag and drop the macro into a sub folder. Testsuites as a folder runs (only) the macro inside the folder which you select to run). Macros in sub folders below are ignored.

See here: I move the “PDF” macro so it is no longer run the XModules testsuite.

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solution seems good but not best.

it is ok if Suite have some macro in it. BUT
what if Suite have 200+ macros and user is trying to drag and drop 199th macro to the not to run folder.
picking and dragging it to the folder which is on top is not at all good idea.
I tried to give the folder name “z_not to run” and thought it would be displaying at the bottom of the list but it displays immediate next to the top.

i do have a 200 + list of macros and drag and this drag and drop idea is not at all good user experience.
May be it would be good for the others , cant say.

You can run any macro in prefered order via batch file and you can skip macros and run prefered macros and you solve.

It’s easy, fast and working, a simple batch file with all macros to run.

Testsuite are a sequenze of macros

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i would love to try with that too.
guide me with the sample pl.

Here the info of command

You can run unlimited macros in prefered order via batch file (windows) op powershell or other language.

Via batch file it’s simple put all macro to start one after one

“C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe” “file:///D:/test/DemoAutofill1.html?macro=Macro1&cmd_var1=hello%21world&cmd_var2=123&cmd_var3=ABC&direct=1&savelog=logfirefox.txt”

“C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe” “file:///D:/test/DemoAutofill1.html?macro=Macro3&cmd_var1=hello%21world&cmd_var2=123&cmd_var3=ABC&direct=1&savelog=logfirefox.txt”

“C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe” “file:///D:/test/DemoAutofill1.html?macro=Macro5&cmd_var1=hello%21world&cmd_var2=123&cmd_var3=ABC&direct=1&savelog=logfirefox.txt”

In this example i run macro1, macro3, and macro 5 via batch file.

For the command line: If macro2 is a sequence of macro1, then also add continueInLastUsedTab=1 to the command line. Otherwise each macro starts in a new tab.

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Yeah, with 200 macros that would be a bit tricky to do inside UI.Vision. But in hard-drive mode, you can use e. g. Windows Explorer or Total Commander for it, then it is very easy.

if circle have some checkbox to not to run then it would be a great help for me / user.

it would be really a great fix from developers.


This is old and deprecated test suite do NOT use it because is deprecated and in new ui vision this feature is hidden and have some old bugs.

Use new folder function to run macros.