How to combine few test cases in a single test case

i do have 10 small test cases and i do want to merge / combine them in a single test case. Is there any way to do that.
What i am doing for this is copy all small jason of 10 test cases in a text file and pasting it in the Kantu new file but is not working for me.
Guide me pl.

You can copy and and paste the macros (test cases) into one large macro. The macro format is standard JSON. So as long as you do not miss a comma or a bracket, that works well.

Or, you can combine several macros (= test cases) into one test suite:


May be i am missing something or doing wrong, but dont know, still getting the same error.
guide me pl.

What i am doing is.
create a Fresh test case and go to it jason.

copy First Test case jason and pasted in to the “Fresh test case Jason”
copy Second Test case jason and pasted in to the “Fresh test case Jason” (, at the end of it)
clicks on save and getting error - pic attached.

Hi! When you merge macros, you need to keep the outer shell, and only paste the macro commands itself -> That is the green part in the screenshot below:

Note that there is a , comma after each command - except the last one.

you must be right BUT.
Its simple a copy and paste but dont know why it is not working at my end.

Things should be very easy at every level.
At this point Selenium IDE had extra edge over here. There, user dont need to come on jason part, apart from it, user can do anything in table view itself whatever he/she can think of. I agree that you are giving every feature what ever is from selenium IDE but there is long long way to go.

What i can guessing is you are making application for the peoples who is from development background. BUT a BEST tool is where every one can depend on either is from development background or non development background

I hope whatever i am thinking at this moment is must be in your to do plate and would be implemented soon.
Anyway. Thank you for your support.

That is correct… improvement to the table view editor are on our todo list :slight_smile: