How to click and drag in RPA

I would like to click and drag from one Xclick to other Xclick. Or at least hold click on Xclick to use Xmove to then release Xclick on found Xmove.

trying to drag this windows around the screen

Post url and screenshot of work please

Thanks i have uploaded a screenshot. To clarify i am trying to drag the chrome window from one location to the other but cant seem to have Xclick hold the click.

Drag & Drop is a combination of

  • XMove | Image of item to grab, e. g. browser title bar | #down
  • XMove | Image of drop place |
  • XMove | Image of drop place | #up

Or define the drop location relative to the old place. Old place center (= last image found) is ${!imageX},${!imageY}:

  • XMove | Image of item to grab, e. g. title bar | #down
  • XNew = ${!imageX} + 100 <= in this example we move the icon by 100px
  • XMove | ${XNew},${!imageY} |
  • XMove | ${XNew},${!imageY} | #up

This video explains it:

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Is it possible to just move the cursor without drag drop. Say 100px to the left?


If you use the XMove command without #up or #down, it just moves the cursor.