How to clear cache of chrome while using iTunes

Currently, I’m using KANTU and I don’t understand how can I clear cache of my iTunes. I tried to clear it but whenever I try, it showing an itunes error 0xe8000015 and I don’t understand how can I resolve it?
Does anyone have any solution?

If you install the xmodules (free or paid version)

You can simulate the keyboard and you can open shortcut of chrome to run the clear cookie and cache like you do manually when using Google Chrome.

It’s the same thing like delete cache manually in chrome opening menu.

@newuserkantu suggestion is the best solution. If you only need to remove cookies then UI.Vision has the Selenium IDE delete all cookies command. But this removes only the cookies.

But this is not as thorough as cleaning all cookies and more directly via keystrokes. This is not a bug in RPA, but simply a limitation of the Chrome extension API. Extensions can only clean cookies. The shortcut shift+Ctrl+delete can clean cookies and the browser cache and autocomplete and the browsing history. So the command to clear everything is:


On macOS the delete history shortcut is shift+command+delete.