How to change value of a column in CSV file and append it to the same file location in Desktop

Hey guys, this is something I am looking to create. I have a csv file with several different columns and I want to script to look at the values 2 of those columns and decide whether to proceed. If it proceed, at the end, I want the rpa to change the values of one of the column, and saving the file to the same location in desktop where it read from. Can this be done? What are the steps to do? It would be great if someone can point me in the correct direction
From what I read so far, CsvReadArray seem to be the one I should be using. How about the last part? Should I change it to Desktop Automation if I want it to how I want it ?

Hi, the key “trick” is to load the CSV file into an array, then you can change values easily. Please see: How to mark a row in a CSV line as processed?

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