How to call CAPS LOCK key with XType?

I have an AHK script that simulates a useful key combination for me when I hit the Caps Lock key: Ctrl + Spacebar

The reason is because I tried the Ctrl + Spacebar using XType and it didn’t trigger the extension, so I mapped that combination to the Caps Lock key using AutoHotKey.

But now I can’t figure out how to trigger the Caps Lock key using XType.

I’ve tried: {KEY_CAPS} and {KEY_CAPSLOCK}, but neither of those are defined.

I did some searching for it, but unless I overlooked it, then I wasn’t able to find it.

Does anyone know this? If it’s not supported, then maybe we can figure out why the ${KEY_CTRL+KEY_SPACE} won’t work.

Capslock is not supported yet, but ${KEY_CTRL+KEY_SPACE} should work.

To what app do you want to send this key? To the web browser itself? Did you make sure the app has the focus (with XClick)?