How to automatically solve arkose labs funcaptcha? AntiCaptcha not working

I have tried using AntiCaptcha anticpt plugin but it doesn’t work. Any way to solve this using executeScript on UI Vision? Or some other way?

When I use the AntiCpt browser plugin, I see that it shows “Solved”, but the captcha screen does not go away and it does not submit it.

For example you can try on Twilio | Try Twilio Free

See images

So you are saying that AntiCaptcha anticpt is not able to solve this captcha? Or that the integration of anticpt with UiVision fails?

@ulrich This is a good question. In this case I am not sure how to integrate AntiCaptcha with UiVision. I was just using the browser extension but that is not using UiVision. The extension solves the captcha but it is not removing the verification screen.

Do you know how I can use it with UiVision? See the link here: Solve Arkose Labs captcha (aka Funcaptcha) automatically without proxy - FuncaptchaTaskProxyless

They only have examples for CURL/PHP/Python/nodeJS/Java

try python solution

may be you need to launch ui vision macro from python