How to add a command that auto refresh the page if i encounter any error

I am using this as an auto data fill on website to create listings
While i play this on loop, i create listings but sometimes i get an error from the Website side as the macro ignores some commands and it gives me error, and to encounter that error i need to reload the page to fix it. And as the UI.Vision RPA shows seconds timer on the top, i need something that auto reloads it, and i dont have to keep an eye on the error thing and i can leave my system AFK

Can you simply add the REFFRESH command to the top of your macro?

how to do that, i have no clue about coding and stuff

Add this command to your macro:

thanks alot man , it fixed my issue.

Hey one more thing, why when i put it on loop, it misses some commands? and even sometimes miss whole macro and goes to next macro?