How send mail using Kantu Automation

I want to send Emails to different email ID’s present in CSV. Can anyone suggest me how with a small example on how to send email in Kantu?.

Kantu itself can not send email, but it can fill out a form that sends email. Or, have kantu log into your Gmail or Yahoo account and send an email.

Or use the command line and use a script that sends the email.

Hi i did a script that could send an email from a browser tab with a “mailto:” link!
“Command”: “selectWindow”,
“Target”: “tab=open”,
“Value”: "mailto:${"YOUR CSV COLUMN HERE}?
Just so you know i’m using this at work and i have Outlook app installed so when the new tab opens it opens a new mail and i just have to click send. You can find plenty of “mailto” generator online so you if you need to send the same message you can set it up pretty easily!


Good job Diego!
But how did you manage to add message body and attachment (for e.g. log file) to the email?