How send mail using Kantu Automation

I want to send Emails to different email ID’s present in CSV. Can anyone suggest me how with a small example on how to send email in Kantu?.

Kantu itself can not send email, but it can fill out a form that sends email. Or, have kantu log into your Gmail or Yahoo account and send an email.

Or use the command line and use a script that sends the email.

Hi i did a script that could send an email from a browser tab with a “mailto:” link!
“Command”: “selectWindow”,
“Target”: “tab=open”,
“Value”: "mailto:${"YOUR CSV COLUMN HERE}?
Just so you know i’m using this at work and i have Outlook app installed so when the new tab opens it opens a new mail and i just have to click send. You can find plenty of “mailto” generator online so you if you need to send the same message you can set it up pretty easily!