How do you get the correct mouse coordinates for xClick on a VPS?

I wanted to transfer my project to a Windows VPS. I am trying to change the mouse coordinates for xClicks for the VPS desktop. I access the VPS via Windows Remote Desktop and used MPos app to get the mouse coordinates (which worked well on my desktop) but UI Vision doesn’t click on the correct position with those coordinates. Any idea why?

Where is UI Vision installed? Inside the VPS or on your local machine? And where do you run MPos? VPS or local? A screenshot / screen video would help.

UIVision is inside VPS. MPos also in VPS. I am accessing VPS via Remote Desktop from my PC.

Can you add a screencast? We use Windows VPS often and see no problem. Here is a recording of the DemoXDesktopAutomation macro on a Windows Server 2016 VPS:

You’re using the physical x,y in MPos, correct?

Thanks. I got it right. I need to use the relative positions.

how do you access VPS?

Ah, good point!

  • In browser automation mode the x/y are relative to the top left corner of the browser viewport

  • In desktop automation mode the x/y are based on the top left corner of the desktop itself

I use standard Windows remote desktop. But it works the same with Teamviewer or Anydesk.

Although it worked on xClick x/y coordinates, it didnt work with the screenshot. When I click on select, it will quickly get a screenshot without giving me a chance to select the area to get the screenshot. My VPS has server 2012.

This 10 year old Windows version is not officially supported.