How do you assign the RPA software to a particular browser (Tab)

I have 2 chrome windows open. One points to the application I am trying to automate and other to RPA forum. Every time I run the RPA software it points to the browser with the forum instead of the one with the app on it even though I am launching the RPA software from the Chrome browser that is running the app I want to automate. Happens even if I minimize the RPA IDE and make the other window the active. How do I force the RPA browser extension to use the correct browser?

You can use two different Chrome profiles. So browser A uses profile 1 and browser B users profile 2:

Create a Chrome profile

  • In Chrome, click on the Chrome three dots button icon in the upper-right hand corner and select Settings.
  • Under the People section, click Add person.
  • Choose an avatar for yourself and then give your profile a name.
  • If you’d like to supervise the websites that this new profile visits, check the “Control and view the websites this person visits from…” box.
  • Sign into the associated Google account that you want to tie to this profile.

Switch between Chrome profiles

  • Click on the name of your profile in the upper-right hand corner of your browser and click Switch Person. Select the profile you’d like to switch to.
  • When you sign in with your Google account, all of your bookmarks, history, passwords, and other settings will be automatically loaded, so you can get the same Chrome experience every time you log in.