How do we export SeeShell scripts from one system to another

How do we export SeeShell scripts from one system to another, So that we can run the same script in another system? I tried to export the script in Json format and .see format and run it on another system but it gave some error. It would be kind of you if you let me know the solution. Thank you in advance.

It is enough to copy the .see file to the other system. The .see file is technically a ZIP file that contains everything that is needed (json macro and images).

Now, depending on the screen resolution on the other system, you might have to adjust the confidence level of some image command a bit. Our image recognition algorithms are quite robust against resolution changes, but not perfect yet.

Could you describe the error? Was it that SeeShell could find a match with the image or something else?

The whole thing goes crazy for me. It gets all the images incorrectly recognised. I think even moving from one monitor to another even on the same system makes the whole thing go crazy. Even moving back to the original system didn’t fix the problem (I ran the .see files on a shared drive). Playing with the confidence level didn’t help (either it doesn’t recognise the image or it recognises something else).

Hi @geommm - for a new issue it will be best to open a new post.

But in any case, here are my questions:

  • Is this SeeShell Browser or SeeShell Desktop?
  • Can you attach one of the macros that does not work?

The macro runs on a password-protected site so there’s no point me attaching it. there is nothing special, it clicks on some links and prints to a pdf printer. So I had to recapture all the images on the new system because the screen resolution was different (I guess this is the reason). I tried playing around with the confidence level but it ended up simply clicking on the wrong links when I did that.
It’s using Desktop with Chrome.
Thanks for the interest

I have been facing the issue related to the shell scripts as the scripts are not getting printed and I have also tried many new things to get it done. I have gone through Epson error code e-01 while doing the printing process.